Llanberis Wedding Photographer

Llanberis wedding PHOTOGRAPHER

Okay, not strictly a Llanberis wedding, let’s drive seven minutes from Gwennan and Ian’s to Nant Peris. To the church of  St. Peris to be more precise. Such a romatic location; nestled deep in a valley in Snowdonia.

We’re in November now and one year ago I met with Ian and Gwennan. Ian’s a keen photographer and Gwennan knows weddings, she used to coordinate them, she loves a schedule and I love a schedule so we were going to get along.

Running between houses in Llanberis

Gwennan’s parents live around the corner from Ian and Gwennan. If possible, if timings and geography work out it’s fun for me to skip between bride and groom during preparations. Neither of you know how you spend the morning, to document this time  triggers memories. As I write I’m reminded  that my brief from Gwennan was to document everything. Her parent’s home was full to the brim with rich opportunities for me.

“Is it still  raining, I hadn’t noticed”

Oh boy did it rain, just as we were arriving at church. I was zipped up to my nose as I carried my gear into church. I’m not dressed in my finery though, everyone else is and it’s such a trial to stay dry. It’s good photography though! It did stop eventually and we were able to drive down to the lagoons in Llanberis for some photography.


I haven’t mentioned Max the dog. He was Ian’s companion in the morning whilst the groomsmen were sorting out a car incident. Max was a poor soldier with his paw in bandage. What a brave boy he was.



Wedding Venue: The Mill  Gwennan’s Dress :Gwisgfa Brides, Penysarn, Anglesey, Flowers : Petalau Pert, Caernarfon, Hair: : Sdeisi Does Hair, Caernarfon,

Make up: Rhiannon PritchardEve Goodman sang at church which was heavenly.

Photography: Gill Jones Photography

eskimi kisses on Beaumaris pier


Please scroll to see Gwennan and Ian’s late autumn wedding in Llanberis.

If you like Gwennan and Ian’s wedding photographs please tell me about your wishes for your wedding photography. We can talk through your ideas and I can tell you how best to use my time.  I’m based on an Anglesey and have been an Anglesey wedding photographer for over ten years now. I’m so happy to talk about your North Wales wedding so don’t hesitate to contact me if you’re further afield. This North Wales wedding photographer is just so excited to be involved in your wedding day.

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