five children piled on a settee pulling face by anglesey family photographer Gill Jones

Anglesey family photographer

You’ve gathered all of your favourite faces together, no mean feat by the way; everyone’s so busy these days. This time, why don’t you put an hour or so aside to ask me; a local Anglesey family photographer, to capture this happy time together.

what to buy for granny and grandpa?

I ask for soap with pretty wrapping from my children. I don’t want to cause them any hassle and they have told me that I pull a certain face if I receive an unwanted gift. I think I do. If you’ve exhausted the soap, sock and hankerchief avenue of safe gift ideas can I suggest you organise a family photo shoot?

Here is a LINK to my Family photography page. Scroll through for inspiration and then let’s put a date in the diary for your family shoot.