about me

I live with Rich on Anglesey down a sleepy lane that has a tendancy to flood. We’re empty nesters;  we’ll never get used to that.

From my formative days working in a dark room at one end of Carnaby street to heady days in Sydney working in a large photographic studio I’ve always been at my happiest working in a creative environment.

I love my work. Photography is my day job, my pastime, my interest, my means of expression. I studied photography in my teens, in my forties and I continue to stretch myself to learn more.

I take photographs and I make photographs. I take part in Anglesey’s exciting Open Art Studios event, challenging myself to a new project every year. See the images below to see where my photography takes me.

Lighten up? Okay…

I’ve taken the plunge and am loving wild swimming. I cook to create. I still think I remain supreme on the dance floor, I’m deluded. I enjoy the world of textiles but a knitting pattern defeats me. My favourite photographer is Sarah Moon. I love Instagram (I’ve got four accounts but please begin at GillJonesPhoto). I’m a Trinny fan. I enjoy the pop of a cork, releasing the shutter and I’m still learning to blow my own trumpet.

a napkin and ribbon on a side plate

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