PORTRAIT Photography – North Wales 

A photograph in your wallet, on your mantlepiece, or tucked away somewhere safe; photographs are important to us. They remind us of happy times, wonderful people and the relationships that make our hearts burst.

I’m proud to be an Anglesey family photographer and I capture those fantastically funny, familiar faces in your life.

Let’s face it, our photograph albums are the items we’d save if our house was on fire. Photographs are passed down through generations, becoming more important as the years fly by. So let me capture some bright, fresh, spirited images of you and your family. Let’s tell your story.

There are a number of ways to go about this. You may like formal groupings of your favourite people. In contrast to this you may like some documentary style images of your family at play.

A family photo shoot can take on many guises. Tell me the essence of what you’d like to capture and then let me interpret this.


We’re not all naturals in front of a camera and you might need a little coaching. I ask for authenticity. Nothing forced, but you might have to turn the volume up slightly; if you love that family member then hug them – hug them real close.

I photograph parties, anniversaries, holidays, milestone birthdays, new family members, teeny weeny family members.

Why not gift a session with me? A gift token is a great idea for someone who is turning a mile stone age.

If you’re celebrating a significant anniversary, organise for me to be present at your party. That way all of your guests are captured and you are in shot all of the time instead of being behind the camera.

Most importantly I recommend printing your images. Don’t leave them on a hard drive – let then breath. Pass them around, frame them, prop them up, make an album, savour them, post them, gift them.