Award winning North wales photographer

Wedisson awards

I’ve long since wanted to call myself an Award Winning North Wales Photographer. Sometimes you just have to step up, be brave  and make it happen. I’ve been photographing weddings for quite a while now and there are some images that simply stand out. The time had come (it was long over due actually) for me to submit those images to competitions and be judged at a professional level by my piers.

If I’m photographing the faces that you love then I’m winning and you will be delighted but professional photographers look at images differently. We know when some photographs are shining more than others. Sometimes it’s the quality of light, sometimes originality and sometimes it’s capturing a split second moment that will never be repeated.

I joined an online community called Wedisson. Members are from across the world and  monthly competitions are held. I chose images from the end of 2021 and from 2022, so far four out of five submissions have been recognised.

What does that mean? It feeds my ego a little I guess, in a world of hungry social media platforms great images are simply swiped aside when actually it takes alot of skill to capture them. Also I can now write Award winning North Wales Photographer in my copy and that’s gratifying, let’s see what Google can do for me.