What if it rains on your wedding day?

 Rain on your wedding day?

We’ll talk about this before your wedding day and we’ll make a plan.  Take heart it rarely rains all day. There’ll be small windows of opportunity where by we can duck out to make the most a dry patch.

I’m a fan of brollies, they bring people together, they huddle, they might rush and then they laugh, bingo!

It’s all about attitude

Usually your ceremony is undercover, however I was at a wedding this year and all the guests were sat on hay bails holding umbrellas; no-one complained by the way, it was wonderful fun.

If there’s even a hint of rain I’ll do the group shots indoors. If it’s even a bit chilly I’ll opt to keep folk indoors for the formals. Shoulders rise, coats remain and smiles are more difficult to muster.

I only need a dry patch to photograph the two of you. On only two occasions in fourteen years have I asked couples to duck outside between courses for a quick photoshoot.

I don’t need to point out that if you’ve chosen a chateau as your venue there are going to be more opportunities if it’s a damp day.

If we’re in a marquee in the middle of a field I have to be more imaginative, let me take the strain but please work with me and be flexible with your time line.

We will have discussed a Plan B and chances are you’re already resigned to the fact that you risk damp feet if we’re on grass.

A white umbrella is a wonderful prop. I have one.  It brings you together, it’ll shade you from direct sunlight (April showers?) and it’ll bounce light into your face.

Consider buying a whole bunch of brollies for guests and have wellies at the ready.

Finding the positives

Once your dress has taken you down the aisle it can relax and so can you. Don’t let your dress wear you, make sure you wear it.

I’ve had brides stand on trays, stand on tablecloths, I have to be honest this makes for stiff results.

If we’re in the middle of a field you may get wet, if we’re in Chateau Rhianfa we can keep you dry.

Consider a tea length dress if it’s November, it’s a great opportunity to show your fabulous shoes off.

A short story

Marian and Richard were married in 2017 on the day that storm Brian ripped through Anglesey.  The heels broke off the bridesmaids shoes as soon as they left the house, they had to wear short boots. The wedding car broke down on the way to church, a police car picked them and delivered the bride to church. The dye on the flowers rubbed off on to the dresses. The batsman dropped the ring and it rolled down the aisle, everyones eyes followed it.  The finally was the smoke alarm going off just after a power cut.

The couple were surrounded by people that cherished them and they all had a blast. What a hoot is was.

Let’s not pretend it was a sunny day let’s embrace what we have and tell that story, your story.

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