Children at weddings

 Children at Weddings

You may have your own little ones so of course they’re going to be there. If you haven’t, how do you make this decision?

Do you give your friends and family the day off from being  parents and give them an opportunity to let loose? You do however, risk offending someone because where ever they go their children go.

Do I invite children to my Anglesey wedding?

From a photographer’s point of view, if you bring dogs and/or children to a wedding, it does rather become all about them. Are you okay with that?

Something else I’ve noticed. It can be difficult for children at weddings, they’re usually the centre of attention, if this shifts they don’t understand and inevitably they express themselves.

Children and Grandparents

Personally I adore having all generations at weddings. I have a soft spot for capturing those interactions between grandparents and their grandchildren. Your parents will be only too happy to help out. More time with their grand children? How fantastic.

My husband and I did not invite children to our wedding. The offspring of relatives that could have been there but weren’t invited are still in our lives, I love these people and have felt eternally guilty for not inviting them. In fact I went to one of their weddings. Can you live with the guilt?

I haven’t written this to answer this dilemma, there’s no right or wrong here, my musing may just clarify your thoughts.

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