Christmas wedding at Henblas

Faye and Mark’s Christmas wedding at Henblas

Infact it’s the 19th December;  truly a Christmas wedding at Henblas.

A change in direction for me

Excited preparations in the fab bridal space; this is wonderful fun for me. There was a time that I’d labour over the dress and shoe shots but I no longer want to do this. Wearing the shoes, getting into the dress tells much more of a story. I know which images are printed and it’s never the styled shots, it’s the emotional shots every time. I’m choosing to get closer, these supper super girls gave me full access.

Emotional whirlwind

Forces out of everyones control meant Faye and Mark’s wedding had to come together quickly. Totally unphased by this the Nield girls worked their magic as always. I should imagine (and I will find out next year) that after all the work involved you can quite forget that you’re preparing for one of the most emotional days of your life.

Surprise Bagpipes for Mark

During the recessional the doors opened to unmistakeable creak and whine. A surprise piper began so play for Faye and Mark (Faye knew of course). That was a hoot!



Wedding Venue: Henblas   Dress : Cameo BridesCatering: The Feast Brothers  , Celebrant: The Snowdonia Celebrant 

Photography: Gill Jones Photography

Laughing bride and groom walking through Portmeirion


Please scroll to see Faye and Mark’s Christmas wedding at Henblas, Anglesey

If you like Faye and Mark’s wedding photographs please tell me about your wishes for your wedding photography. We can talk through your ideas and I can tell you how best to use my time.  I’m based on an Anglesey and have been an Anglesey wedding photographer for over ten years now. I’m so happy to talk about your North Wales wedding so don’t hesitate to contact me if you’re further afield. This North Wales wedding photographer is just so excited to be involved in your wedding day.

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