Jo & Brian - Chateau Rhianfa Wedding Photographer


You’ll understand that weddings have changed the way they look and the way they work but the great news is that couples are making their weddings happen during these strange times.  The weddings I’ve attended recently have been shorter and obviously have fewer guests. I was delighted that Jo and Brian wanted some of their preperations captured, I could really get my teeth into the detail. It’s also a way of picking up the vibe, especially if I haven’t met the couple before their day. These strange Covid times are preventing us from meeting up.

ANGLESEY WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER | Chateau Rhianfa, making it happen

I’ve mentioned previously that at the moment, whilst the registrars are present I stand at the back of the congregation. When they go I can jump to the front and direct you through part of your ceremony again, have a look below, you wouldn’t know would you?

Undeniable connection

It’s a dream when a couple have alot to talk about; when the photography is almost incidental. This was the case with Jo and Brian. They were so comfortable in each other’s company and they were so delighted to be married. A word about a few of the images below. Jo was checking the dining table, moving her hands across the table. I couldn’t help but photograph her as the light moved across her. I watch and hope for times such as this.

If you’re planning your wedding and like the way I’ve told Jo and Brian’s wedding day story then please do contact me. We can talk through your ideas and I can tell you how best to use my time.  I’m an Anglesey wedding photographer and a North Wales wedding photographer. I’m happy to travel to your wedding Contact me here or e-mail: or look through my website:

eskimi kisses on Beaumaris pier


A very beautiful setting for your wedding, whatever time of year. Please scroll on to see a flavour of Jo and Brian’s wedding day at Chateau Rhianfa.

Beaumaris pastel coloured houses
The Bulkeley Hotel's sign
Acacia's blossom trees
helping the groom with his button hole
heirloom pearls
the bride having her hair done
the bride hugging her daughter
the bride's daughter gazing out of the window
the bride's dress is being laced up
more lacing of wedding dress
the bride's mum tieing her pearls on the bride
the bride with her parents having a giggle
bride and groom on a beach
bride and groom caressing
bride and groom approaching their home
the groom chatting to guests
the groom with his mum and dad
the bride with her family
guests kissing
bride and groom by the front door of their home
the brides bouquet
bride and groom cuddling in the greenery
wedding rings
guests chatting
guests playing croquet
guests all sitting together
the bride and grooms first dance
lights leading up to the bride and groom's house
guests playing croquet
guests all sitting together
the bride and grooms first dance
lights leading up to the bride and groom's house
guests playing croquet
guests all sitting together
the bride and grooms first dance
lights leading up to the bride and groom's house


Other lovely suppliers who helped the day run smoothly were:

Hair and Make up: Cherry Bomb from Frodsham, Flowers by Acacia, Jo’s dress: Gwisga Brides, Venue: Chateau Rhianfa,  Photography by Gill Jones Photography

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