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Bethany and Will were originally to be married at The Outbuilding here on Anglesey. That was before Covid 19 turned our lives upsidedown. I did get an opportunity to meet them back in February. I took this opportunity to photograph them, you can see their pre wedding shoot here.


Yes of course it’s important to maintain an income but equally it’s important to maintain momentum.  Weddings take me on a glorious ride from early spring to early winter. This huge activity wave gathers me up and carries me along. It’s familiar and it has become essential. This year, frankly I’ve felt adrift. Thankfully I’ve only lost one wedding. Others have rolled over to next year and now some are moving to 2022. I can’t blame my lovely brides and grooms for rescheduling, it’s a worrying time.

I miss the energy that weddings ooze. I’m propeled by the emotions that swirl around a wedding day. Mostly I miss pressing that shutter release at a critical, never to be seen again moment. I miss weddings.

Bethany and Will

From Anglesey the wedding moved to Chelsea Registry office and then to Wandsworth Town Hall. The number of guests allowed kept being cut, it was a tense time but I was going.  Their family over in New Zealand watched the ceremony online thanks to the videographer. Imagine the pressure of securing that connection, he did well.

The rest of the country received an absolute deluge but Wandsworth did not.  I had a fancy pink Ford-Edsel Ranger, a gorgeous Bride and Groom and an empty courtyard to work with. I was in my element. I’d got it! I jumped in a taxi, bought my M&S butty, caught the train….but because of that earlier deluge we travelled at 50mph to Crewe. Of course I’d missed my connection and had to cab it to Bangor, I got home at 2 a.m. It doesn’t matter, what matters is these wedding images.

If you’re planning your wedding and like the way I’ve captured Beth and Will’s wedding day then please do contact me. We can talk through your ideas and I can tell you how best to use my time.  I’m an Anglesey wedding photographer and a North Wales wedding photographer and sometimes I go on tour.  Contact me here or e-mail: or look through my website:

eskimi kisses on Beaumaris pier


Captured within the walls of Wandsworth Town Hall. Please carry on and scroll through Beth and Will’s wedding images.

Beaumaris pastel coloured houses
The Bulkeley Hotel's sign
Acacia's blossom trees
helping the groom with his button hole
heirloom pearls
the bride having her hair done
the bride hugging her daughter
the bride's daughter gazing out of the window
the bride's dress is being laced up
more lacing of wedding dress
the bride's mum tieing her pearls on the bride
the bride with her parents having a giggle
bride and groom on a beach
bride and groom caressing
bride and groom approaching their home
the groom chatting to guests
the groom with his mum and dad
the bride with her family
guests kissing
bride and groom by the front door of their home
the brides bouquet
bride and groom cuddling in the greenery
wedding rings
guests chatting
guests playing croquet
guests all sitting together
the bride and grooms first dance
lights leading up to the bride and groom's house
guests playing croquet
guests all sitting together
the bride and grooms first dance
lights leading up to the bride and groom's house

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