An intimate Chateau Rhianfa wedding. Perfect really. I have a bride, a groom and we’re at one of Anglesey’s most romantic venues. James and Sarah chose to have an intimate wedding day followed by a party the next evening in their home town of Chester.

James had organised and prepared everything. Forget the programme ‘Don’t tell the bride’, this guy knows his bride and he was utterly selfless in his choices. Also, they had a ‘first look’. I’ve never experienced one before. This is where the bride and groom see one another before the ceremony; a private moment, oh, apart from me that is but I can be discreet.

Showers in Chateau Rhianfa’s grounds

It didn’t matter, we had a big white umbrella, which is a lovely prop. Early on in the wedding season I have two and then inevitably I will lose one somewhere along the way. The umbrella bounces light around and Sarah and James had no choice but to get even closer.

These images show tender moments between two lovely young people. I hadn’t met them before today, James had made all arrangements over the phone. I am constantly amazed that on such an emotional occasion, folk are prepared to listen to me, take direction and trust me to document their feelings. Truly, I am astonished and grateful I might add.

The next evening we were at Chester racecourse, a new venue for me. Actually we were at the 1539 restaurant which overlooks the racecourse. With limited time it’s challenging to view a location, come up with ideas and execute those ideas immediately. This is the most exhilarating part of my job and I love it.

I’m Gill Jones and I’m an Anglesey wedding photographer and North Wales wedding photographer. If you like the way I’ve told the story of Sarah and James’s day then please contact me here and we can talk about your wedding day.