Couple shoots come in different guises; engagement shoots, pre-wed shoots, elopement shoots, couple shoots. They pretty much add up to the same thing; an opportunity to relax into a photography session that is care free, without strict timelines or schedules and a chance to mark a particular stage in your relationship.

If you’re nervous about working with a photographer on your wedding day then a pre-wed session is a good idea. There definitely is a difference between those couples who have experienced time with a photographer and those who have not.

In fact I’m pretty sure that after their pre-wed shoot a recent couple discussed, digested and returned on their wedding day determined to up their game and they absolutely did!

If you aren’t nervous about a lens being pointed at you then a pre-wed is a little indulgent. I happen to think this is a good time to be indulgent.

You can choose a first date location or a location that’s too far from the venue you’re to be married at.

You can understand what it is that I’m looking for; pretty light. And what it is I need from you; authenticity. And then simply be your selves and leave the rest to me.

Talk to me; a north wales wedding photographer about your couple shoot.