An unconventional day to keep me on my toes, this time an Eriviat hall wedding celebration. Not one new venue for me today but two! Shannon and David’s ceremony was to take place at The Gwenfrewi Project, half an hour east of Eriviat Hall.

Preparations for an Eriviat Hall wedding

Eriviat Hall is a very large country house at the end of an impressive drive. You can hire the house for the weekend for any kind of celebration. It really is an ideal party house. Preparations were under way, Shannon with her girls across the landing from David and his boys. Both parties tumbled between each other’s rooms, which was fun, no secrecy today. The house was full of family, activity everywhere. Do you know the “I’m your lobster’ reference, it’s from Friends, Ross told Rachel that she was his lobster. It refers to the person with whom you’re meant to be with forever, since lobsters mate for life. See below.

Pops of Colour

Shannon had explained to me that she would be wearing ‘salwar kameez’; traditional Indian wear.  This was to pay respect to her father’s homeland of India. The theme carried over to Shannon’s bridesmaids and to her mother and sister in-law, a few little ones too. The colours are such a treat, they’re just so celebratory. Like Carla and Geraint earlier this year, Shannon and David greeted their guests at Eriviat Hall before their ceremony. You can see from the expressions on everyone’s faces how thrilled they were to to be part of this special occasion. Whilst everyone boarded a coach for the next part of the day Shannon changed into a traditional British wedding dress, just to shake things up a little.

Convoy to The Gwenfrewi Project

It’s quite difficult to think of anywhere more romantic to hold your wedding ceremony. This venue is no longer operational as a church, rather you bring in a registrar.  Alison, the owner offers so much flexibility so that your time there is quite unique to your celebration. After Shannon and David’s ceremony everyone remained for drinks and nibbles before photographs outside. There is a tranquility about this venue that is hard to match, go visit. And so back to Eriviat hall to carry on with the party.

I love an unconventional wedding day, a day that reflects the personality of the couple. If you liked the way I told Shannon and David’s day please contact me to discuss how I can tell your wedding day story.