Just what every North Wales wedding photographer wants is to go out country, somewhere new, somewhere exciting. Gwenno and Siôn allowed me this, their wedding took place in Nant Peris, Snowdonia.

Pre-wed? Do we or don’t we?

I’ve written a piece here actually, have a read if you’re in two minds whether or not to have a pre-wed shoot. Gwenno and Siôn were in the ‘we definitely do’ camp. One spring evening when the light lasted forever I took Gwenno and Siôn through their paces. Gwenno showed me around her family’s land in Nant Peris and explained that it was available to us on the day of their wedding. My eyes got wider and wider, it’s such a treat to work in wide open spaces.

Gwenno puts everyone else before herself. I noticed her helping all her bridesmaids on the morning of her wedding. There were two new mums amongst them, both expressing. Now I love stuff like that. Those images may never feature in an album but they’re truthful and an accurate document. When those images are stumbled upon in years to come they’ll bring back such rich memories.

From Nant Peris we went over to The Celtic Royal in Caernarfon. The sun was out and everyone squashed on to the steps infront of the hotel to remain in the shadows. If you fell off the steps the sharks would get you!  Siôn is a primary school teacher and these were his words and they’ll remain with me forever, I’ve used them at subsequent weddings too.

This was the best of wedding days. It’s people that make weddings and I was amongst some very special people that day.

I’m Gill Jones and I’m an Anglesey wedding photographer and North Wales wedding photographer. If you like the way I’ve told Gwenno and Siôn’s story then please contact me here and we can talk about your wishes for your wedding photography.

a bride perfectly ready for her wedding
the brides father getting ready
the bride cutting tags off bridesmaids dresses
the bride appears to her father and bridesmaids
the church at Nant Peris
the groom waiting for his bride
the guests arriving for the wedding
an usher holding the order of service
elderly guests in church
the bride arriving at church
the bride walking towards the groom
the bride glances at her groom
the bride and groom sign the register
the bride kissing her guests
walking through the confetti throw
the bride and groom hugging
the bride and groom caressing
the bride and groom hugging
the bride walking with her bridesmaids
the groom with his groomsmen
inside the celtic royal hotel
the bride and groom on the steps of the hotel
the bride and groom hugging each other
the bride and groom on the dancefloor