I’ve reached a mile stone. I’ve been working in the wedding business here in North Wales for ten years.  On perhaps five occasions over that period I’ve suggested something slightly different in addition to the usual bridal portrait. Inspired by an exciting personality or simply a pair of daring shoes I cautiously ask permission to try something different.

On this occasion I was inspired by a print that hung in my sitter’s home. I paid a visit to run through a schedule for myself for her wedding day. I left with a schedule and a date in my diary to photograph my bride three days before her wedding!

My studio space at home is very private. It’s calm and serene, which is why I like to spend so much time in it. This environment offered my model a space to feel at ease whilst I worked.

If I’ve photographed your wedding you may well have met my colleague Stephen Heaton. Stephen takes re-touching to another level. I passed my digital captures to Stephen who took this image from something beautiful to something extraordinary.

Yes, it’s a brave person who sits for a nude portrait. I’m rather hoping that more people will come forward having seen this image. Contact me for more details.

I’m Gill Jones and I’m an Anglesey wedding photographer and North Wales wedding photographer.

bridal portrait